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So you want to be a star... (a quick start guide to Shooting Stars)

Welcome, Agents! (That's you, the player. Yes, you behind that screen!) Welcome to the wonderful world of Shooting Stars. Since you're new around these parts, let me give you a run down. I'm The Director, and as the head of 4-D Studios, I can make or break your Actors' careers. Don't be intimidated, though - I'm actually very nice to Agents, and can be reached at any time to answer any questions you may have.

The first thing you need to know is that you, the Agent, play a vital role in this game. You pick up to three Actors (create your own, or choose an existing Actor from the talent pool at ALT) and manage their careers in order to earn them Star Power. The more Star Power your Actors have, the better it is for them - and for you! When you have enough Star Power, you may manage even more Actors. By the way, the term Actor refers to either gender - we're not biased here at 4-D. You are automatically welcomed into the game - no audition for you, Agent. Just tell us a bit about yourself and you're in. You can interact with other Agents in the Agent's Club.

Actors however, must audition in The Casting Office. This is to determine their level of talent. If your Actor has a poor audition, he will be an Extra until he can prove his worth! Don't be discouraged - as long as he does well when participating in Shows, he'll move up in no time. If your Actor has a good audition, he will gain access to the Actor's Lounge, and be eligible for better roles in our Shows!

Actors participate in Shows in the Filming Area. There are comedies, dramas, game shows, kids shows - you name it. A list of Roles will be provided - andRcasting may occasionally surprise you, though Actors with more Star Power have a greater pull in choosing their own Roles. You do not have to participate in every Show - some Shows may not be suited to your tastes (or your Actor's abilities). But remember, it is good to stretch your talent - broaden your horizons and you will be rewarded.

Keep a careful eye on The Press Box! What is being said about your Actors can affect their renown or Star Power. Of particular interest is the tabloid Glib Beat. They always have something to say about what's going on in the entertainment industry. Occasionally Award Ceremonies will be held - these too can have a great effect on the career of your Actors.

The Network will let you know what shows are happening, which ones are coming up, and give summaries of previous Episodes.

Have a problem, need to reach The Director or his staff? Visit The Director's Lounge and leave us a message.

Ready to play? Great! Here's how you get started...

Quick Start Guide:

1. Read through the website and the Rules. Make sure this is the game for you.

2. Join the communities under your regular OOC journal. If you don't have one, or don't want people to know who you are, you may join under a character's journal. But what fun is that? There is no player audition - you want to join? Great! You're now an Agent - welcome to Shooting Stars. Be sure to fill out the Agent Bio Form so we know who you are.

3. Create your Actors! Come up with a good concept for your Actor, then fill out the Actor bio form. You may have anywhere from 1 to 3 Actors to start. If you'd prefer, you may adopt an Actor from the ALT talent pool. Only one Actor from ALT per Agent, though - they get pissy if you steal too much of their talent. You are also allowed to create a Staff member, or a Paparazzi character. This will take up one of your three Actor slots however, as you are effectively managing their career as well.

4. Have your Actor audition in The Casting Office using the audition form. Remember this is the character (Actor) auditioning, not the player (Agent) - so answer the audition questions as your Actor. (Note: If you are applying for a staff member or a paparazii, you do not need to audtion - but you will need to fill out the staff bio form. You may have any combiation of staff members, paparazii and actors that equals no more than three. All actors? All staff? A mix of everything? Up to you.)

5. The Director will reply to the Actor, and may ask them additional questions. The Director will make a decision...

6. If your Actor is accepted into the 4-D Studios Roster, congratulations! They can now hang out with the other Actors in The Actor's Lounge, and will be eligible for the better roles in Shows.

7. If your Actor bombs the audition, or doesn't do quite-as-well as expected.. they will be an Extra and cannot participate in the Actor's Lounge until they level up. Don't worry, a few good performances in Shows and they'll be a 4-D-approved Actor in no time! You can also push another one of your Actors into auditioning - maybe they'll do better!

8. Have your Actor(s) participate in shows and they will earn Points which translate into Renown and Star Power. See the website to learn what these do for you!

9. The more Star Power your Actors have, the more respected you are as an Agent. You can earn Agent Perks, like the ability to manage more Actors. Woo!

10. Above all, have fun! And remember, while Actors are prone to drama, Agents should be level headed. If you have a problem with the game mechanics, other Agents, or The Director and his staff - please just let us know and we'll work things out.
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