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Feb. 16th, 2008

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Sunview Terrace:
The richest of the rich own mansions on beautiful Sunview Terrace, with excellent views of the ocean and of Corona Peak, fences to keep out the riffraff, and their own security to ensure that thieves and troublemakers end up in custody.
Residents: our_director

Hellington Estates:
This gated community of smaller, yet still distinctly beautiful, homes is home to the reasonably rich and famous. Guarded by the CCSD, with alarms to call the CCPD where necessary, Hellington Estates almost never has serious crime.

Private Residences
mi_malone and the_army_wolf share a cozy beachfront bungalow.


Murray Manor
A reasonably-priced apartment complex with decent monthly rates.
Residents: matthew_grey

Private Residences
ellen_harvey has a well-furnished townhouse in the downtown area.

infiniteanna and dave_miles have a townhouse in the downtown area.


Palm Ridge Apartments
A low-rent series of apartments with little value to speak of.
Residents: keep_the_peace , sherrybb , the_nica, vavarner

Feb. 3rd, 2008


4-D Studios Roster


The Director our_director


Grey, Matthew matthew_grey
Agent: Mara generationxwing
Agency: Suburbia Talent Agency

Leigh, Judith x_jujulee
Agent: Erin sweetjubilee
Agency: Knight Time Entertainment

Marchese, Nica the_nica
Agent: Jim jasonbeast
Agency: Big Apple Entertainment

Marchese, Sherry sherrybb
Agent: Niki nikcool
Agency: Titanium

Rowen, Meredith rowen_m
Agent: Jessamyn fictionalfemme
Agency: After Midnight (AM) Talent Agency

Takahashi,Hikaru the_hikaru
Agent: Sis x_dark_night_x
Agency: International Talents

Varner, Valentine vavarner
Agent: L charisma
Agency: Charisma Artist Management (CAM)

Caruso, Anna infiniteanna
Agent: Niki nikcool
Position: Accountant

Harvey, Ellen ellen_harvey
Agent: L charisma
Position: Director's Assistant

Malone, Michael mi_malone
Agent: L charisma
Position: Soundtrack songwriter

Marshall, Pete keep_the_peace
Agent: Aus wizardofaus
Position: Security

Wolf, Alexander the_army_wolf
Agent: Aus wizardofaus
Position: Stunt Cordinator

Glib, Mandy mandyglib
Agent: Niki nikcool
Position: Publisher of Glib Beat tabloid , talk show host

Amora Legal and Talent altss
Various - npcss
older man hands on face

Taken / Held PBs

To place a HOLD on a PB you plan on using for an Actor or other character, please respond with a comment stating the name of the PB and your name. In order to HOLD a PB, you must have joined the communities and have a completed Agent Bio submitted (this is so we know who you are).

Taken PBs:
Alex Evans
Angelica Bridges
Christian Slater
Christina Ricci
Conor Oberst
Ellen Page
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Jordana Brewster
Nikka Costa
Peter Krause
Reese Witherspoon
Stuart Townsend
Takeshi Kaneshiro
Zoe Kravitz

Held PBs:

Feb. 2nd, 2008

masked figure

Friend All Members

Copy and paste this text selection into the LiveJournal Console (http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console/) to friend everyone in the game!

Feb. 1st, 2008

little girl teddy bear


If you come across a term you are unfamiliar with, or want a quick definition - check here. For more detailed explanations, see the Who's Who and What's What sections of the website. Entries here are alphabetical.

Read the glossary!Collapse )
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Jan. 29th, 2008

young asian woman smoker

How To Audition

For purposes of audition, please have the following ready:

One completed Actor Bio
One completed Agent Bio
One actor Journal

Please note that each of your Actors must audition separately. Staff members and other non-actor characters do not need to audition.

STEP ONE: Using your actor journal, post to the Casting Office community with a subject of : Audition: Actor Name (Obviously, that's your Actor name in there!)

STEP TWO: Copy this into the body of the post and answer to the best of your ability. Answers should be in character (the Actor answering the questions, not you answering them OOC), first person unless otherwise indicated.

STEP THREE: The Director will reply to your audition with any additional questions he may have. The Actor replies to the director in an IC , first person fashion.

STEP FOUR: If the Actor is accepted, he will be granted access to the Actor's lounge and be a full fledged member of the studio. If he isn't accepted as is, he must start as an Extra and work his way up to Actor status. Either way, you'll be able to play the game - so don't worry too much if you have to start out at the very bottom rung. That's show biz, kids!
smirky middle-age man

Posting Rules and Formats

Posting rules will be different depending on what community you are posting to. Please follow the following rules for posting in each community.

The Agent's Club - This is your OOC community. Post things about the game, plot ideas, when you're going on hiatus, general chat and discussion here in a casual OOC manner. All players are welcome to post and reply here.

The Actor's Lounge - This is where Actors can talk to each other about what's going on, via their electronic journals. Post first person IC entries here, in a casual your-character-is-speaking-to-other-characters manner. Actors only please, unless otherwise noted (the Director may step in from time to time for example).

Character journals - You may post first person character journal entries in your character's journal. Unless otherwise noted, all characters will be able to see and respond to these posts with their own journals. You can write 'screened to Actors only', for example, or 'other Paparazzi only', or 'No actors' etc. so on at the top to make a 'filter' to keep certain people from seeing it IC as needed.

Corona Island - Post third person, past tense scenes here. This is for action that takes place outside the realm of the Shows , on the island where all characters live. You can go shopping, swimming, hang out, fight, drink - whatever you want to do that you might reasonably do in an island community. Actors, Staff Members, Paparazzi , etc - all can start and reply to scenes here. Nothing over R, anything graphic or sexual please include a warning and an LJ-cut for all text. Use the following format when posting:

Use an LJ-cut for posts that are over two paragraphs in length.

Chat logs may be posted here provided they are cleaned up and also include the header.

The Casting Office - For actors to audition and Directors to post casting calls. IC first person auditions by Actors, unless otherwise specified by the Director. Use the Audition Form.

Director's Lounge- Only game moderators can post here - all posts should be friends only. There is one open post which is the Director's voice mail. If you have an OOC question, or an IC question for the Director- you may leave it as a comment here. Replies are screened for your privacy.

Filming area - This is where Shows take place. What is posted here and how it is posted varies according to what show is being filmed. The Director will inform you of the proper posting format for a particular Show.

Press Box - Posting by The Director and Paparazzi only. Anyone may reply to posts, however - so your Actor can express his outrage if the tabloids feature him in unflattering views. When we have Awards Shows, they will also be posted here - and those posts may have special posting rules. We'll let you know when the time comes.

The Network - Posting by The Director and authorized staff only. This is where we will list current Shows, announce upcoming shows, give episode summaries, announce special programing and so forth.
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blonde woman beret

Staff Biographies

For paparazzi , studio staff, and more - if you're playing a character who isn't an Actor, please fill out this form and post your reply as a comment! Remember, these characters take up one slot in your Client List just like an actor. For a sample biography, look here.

smiling young man with white hat

Agent Bio Form

This is YOUR biography, Agent. Upon joining the communities, please fill this out first and post as a comment here! Welcome to Shooting Stars.

glasses woman up-and-close

New Talent Actor Biography Form

Please attach one headshot to the back of this sheet. We will need ten additional copies of your headshot, with the resume stapled to the back, for distribution to Directors, Casting, etc. Please use four staples, and staple it to the back of your resume face up. The headshot and the resume need to be the same size. (Items marked with an * are not required, per EEOE). For a sample biography, look here. ((OOC Note: If you are picking up an existing actor from the ALT agency, please fill out their additional details with this form. This will help you customize the character and make them your own! Please post bio as a comment to this post))

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